Catholic Charities


Successful Outcome for Clinton County Family in January 2019


A couple who are parents of a teenager with a disability requested rental assistance from Catholic Charities in order to avoid eviction from their mobile home. They were one-and-a-half months behind on their rent. The father was unemployed and was actively searching for employment while his fiancé worked a full-time job as a waitress. They were just able to make ends meet but had fallen behind on their rent due to unexpected car repairs and decreased hours at the restaurant over the holidays. The family tried other safety net agencies but they were either out of funding or had waiting lists.  Due to the immediacy of the emergency and the high risk of homelessness, Catholic Charities was able to respond quickly and provide the needed assistance in their time of need.  Catholic Charities serves all people in need in the 8 counties of the diocese.  We are committed to helping people of all religions or no religion.  Our doors are always open.