Horses of Hope

Horses of Hope provides equine assisted activities to individuals with special needs, but did you know that four years ago a division specifically for Veterans was started?  Heroes & Horses was created for Veterans to help get away and get back into civilian life.  H&H uses horses to help improve development of patience, self-discipline and improve anxiety levels.


Why use horses:

Horses are in a natural state of hyper-awareness and vigilance

  Veterans with PTSD – Hyper-aware of surroundings, displays high fear & anxiety

Horses search out safety, routine and predictability

   Veterans with PTSD – thrive on safety, routine and predictability

Horses are heard animals that feel safest when with peers

   Veterans with PTSD – very bonded with members of unit, but lacks trust with other humans

Horses tend to run or fight when they perceive a threat

   Veterans with PTSD – short fuse for fight or flight response


Put them together and they learn to be a team and how to bring both of their anxiety down, when heightened, thus learning de-escalating skills.  We are a team, we work together, we play with the horses together, we are one.

We currently have 28 registered Veterans in our program.  Our horses are responsible to saving four lives and plan to keep it up as long as humanly and hoofly possible.  Riding is optional, most of our work is done on the ground and if the Veteran chooses to ride, they ride.

There is no charge to our Veterans, ever.